All About Tax Attorney’s Jobs

Tax laws are a part of local government administration where governmental bodies, including state, federal and municipal governments, utilize a body of rules and regulations to legally assess and collect taxes from citizens on their behalf. Tax law involves the collection and analysis of income tax, estate tax and payroll taxes among other types of taxation. This law also covers issues such as tariffs on goods imported into the country, property tax, personal income tax and many other types of taxes. Taxation is based on a system of progressive taxation, where the heavier burden of taxation falls on higher incomes and wealth individuals. Income tax also affects businesses and individuals negatively, especially during times of economic downfall, when people’s income and resources are reduced.

Many common individuals and businesses do not understand how to properly file their tax returns and thus, end up greatly underpaying the required amount to the government. Other individuals and businesses do not know about special credits, deductions and rebates that they are entitled to. A tax attorney would be able to guide individuals through the complexities of the IRS system. With his extensive knowledge of tax laws, he could also help them negotiate with the IRS for the elimination of any possible penalty they might owe. Tax attorneys can also help solve problems with refund audits and with filing for a tax refund extension. They are also aware of the options available for taxpayers to resolve tax problems.

Attorneys are required to take and pass a bar exam to practice before a United States judge. Attorneys who have passed the bar exam are qualified to practice law professionally and are authorized by the United States Supreme Court to do legal research. Therefore, if you have any doubts about your capability to become an IRS agent, it is advisable that you get yourself enrolled in one of the many outstanding accredited bar exams or continuing education courses that are offered by reputable bar exam preparation companies.

Bar exams consist of a written exam and a performing exam. It is important to pass the written portion first because you will need this information for your tax attorney resume. The performing section requires students to demonstrate they have the foundation necessary to perform law office duties as well as the ability to conduct thorough accounting. Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from an accredited law school is a great way to fulfill requirements for tax-attorney positions.

If you wish to become a tax attorney, you must have a high school diploma or a GED. Although many highly qualified lawyers already hold law degrees, it is beneficial for you to begin your career training at a community college so you can learn more about what it takes to be a successful tax lawyer while still being able to take general education courses that you can use on the job. The main reason why community college education is beneficial is because you can complete the required coursework on your own time and can work when it is convenient for you. Attending a law school can be costly and if you cannot afford to attend class, you may want to consider taking a course online instead.

An attorney who possesses both a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Law is called a dual-degree attorney. A dual-degree attorney has two years of law school that he/she must pass in order to be allowed to practice law. If you choose to get your degree from a traditional school, you may want to consider obtaining a Master of Business Administration. These are some of the most popular programs for tax liabilities and tax attorney jobs.